The FishHound Story

FishHound is named lovingly after our hound dog: Hatch.  Hatch was found as a puppy on the side of the road after a great day of fishing & catching an incredible may-fly hatch, thus his name sake.  The company is a product of veteran guides Adam Cuthriell and Dave Repta "Reps" and of course their loving wives.  We have over thirty years of combined guiding experience all over the world, but have made our home here in the great state of Alaska. 

Our Alaska Fishing Guides & Crew:

King Salmon Fishing Alaska


Co-owner & Alaska fishing guide Adam Cuthriell has been chasing fish on a fly for his clients all over North America and Kamchatka for the last 15 years. His excitement, passion, & knowledge for all things with fins is equaled only by his love of the river. The years of experience helps us adapt to our clients individual needs and learning styles to make their progression in fishing excel whether that be learning to hold a fly rod for the first time or perfect the perfect Double-spey. When not in the river Adam can be found chasing water it in its other form... Snow!  Throughout the great state of Alaska and all its snowy peaks via split-board, snow machine, or ice axes.  He is also a state of Alaska EMT and active member on Girdwood Volunteer Fire & Rescue. 


Alaska Fly Fishing Guide - Reps
FishHound Alaska Fishing Guide - Gwenn

 "Reps" & Gwenn

Co-owner & Alaska fishing guide Dave Repta or "Reps" as he is known in the Alaskan fishing scene. Reps has been fishing Alaskan waters from Kodiak to the Brooks Range for the last 32 years. While guiding hundreds of clients from around the world the last 15 years, his ability to read water and put you on the fish can't be matched.

Reps wife Gwenn will be working behind the scenes baking fresh cookies, breads, tasty treats and amazing home made jellies for you on the river. Gwenn will be supported by Char their four legged fishing and hunting companion while doing all the expediting, packing, & shipping.

Jay Allyn

Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide - Durny


Rob Durnell or "Durny" as he is more widely known is native to Alaska and guides all things worth doing in life! From taking clients down rivers, up to the top of Denali, & then around in helicopters to ski down Durney is your kind of guide. With these kind of jobs who needs to play! Durny's amazing attitude & calmness in all situations is a compliment no matter the type of trip.


FishHound Hatch - Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Hatch the FishHound, Rado, and Char

Hatch is our very own FishHound.  He grew up on a boat, and always makes sure that everyone out on the river knows we have arrived.  He enjoys bellowing at animals up trees, is brave enough to keep bears at bay, and enjoys a river side crunchy or two.  

Rado is the newest member to the FishHound crew- but at less than a year old he had already spent more days on the snow and water than most people ever get to!  He's a great boat dog, loves sun bathing and digging holes while everyone is busy fishing.  He's great with kids, and a real joy to have along on float trips.  

Char is an excellent fishing dog and loves her spot on the boat as it is rowed down the river, but her heart really lies as a duck dog.  

if you ever come out on a FishHound trip its fairly likely you might be hanging with one of these lovely furry faces!

Alaska Salmon Fishing with Guide Kat


Kat is the lady behind the scenes.  She does everything from accounting, to web work, photography, and everything in-between.
Kat is new to fishing, but has a great love for water, and spends her summers hanging out on her paddle board, rowing boats (she can row you into a fish for sure!), and taking photographs while on the river.  When she's not working on FishHound projects she's busy running the retail store out at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  

In Memory of Sky

Sky - Alaska Salmon Fishing Dog

 Sky, like Hatch grew up on water, and had probably fished more rivers than most anglers.  She was truly a water dog, and though in her old age (14) she tended to prefer cozy blankets to long river trips, she still loved grabbing a crunchy or two on the side of the river from time to time.  We miss you itty bitty. 01/15/2016