About Our Alaska Fishing Trips

With our experience as guides and seeing what works and what doesn't we have tailored our multi-day Alaska Fishing trips to our guests needs.  This means that you get the best equipment for our ever changing Alaskan environment.  We supply you with almost everything you will need for an amazing, comfortable fishing trip in to the Alaska Wild. 

Fishing guides obviously control the weather, but if we do drop the ball when you're here- at least we can provide you with some amazing food!
We eat this food a lot more than you ever will so we strive to keep it truly back-country gourmet.  From fresh blueberry pancakes & egg souffle for breakfast, to fresh surf n' turf for dinner; we do more than freeze dried even on day 8!

All FishHound trips provide you with our move-able lodge- a custom made wall tent that provides an ideal environment for riverside dinners & drinks.   

At FishHound we realize that most folks who come to fish in Alaska probably know which end of the rod to use, however if someone in the group needs additional help our guides will take the time and effort to get them up to speed.  We all know that with fly fishing we are learning new ways to pursue this passion & we can help facilitate that by introducing you to Spey & two-handed casting as well as various approaches to single hand presentations.   

Trip upgrades:
The gear boat deluxe special is an additional boat & guide that accompanies you down the river to stay one step ahead preparing hot meals, hors d'oeurve's , & setting up camp ahead of you, your guide, & the rest of the group.  In addition we provide one night of fresh Alaskan King Crab to add to your Alaskan trip of a lifetime as well as an additional cold cooler to keep your beverages extra frosty.  Cost of this upgrade varies from river to river based on trip logistics. Call us for more details!

What we provide: 

  • Dry bags of assorted sides
  • High quality sleeping pads
  • Tents
  • Sleeping cots

On our expedition trips we provide you with large dry bags for your personal gear, as well as a smaller 'day' dry bag for keeping important items (like additional layers or cameras) safe from the elements and close at hand.  
We provide top quality thick sleeping pads which are placed on our ulta-light supportive cots inside our single or double occupancy name brand tents that have been tested tried & trued.  Single or double occupancy tents are based on you, the client's preference and not whats 'best for trip weight'. 

What you should bring:

We do not provide personal gear such as:

  • clothes
  • base layers
  • waders
  • boots
  • sleeping bag
  • rods & reels
  • rain jackets

All these are highly recommended (and in multiples) as Alaskan weather can be neurotic, ever changing, & hard on gear.  Once your trip is booked we will send you a specific check list for each river we offer.

Booking & Deposits

A $1,500 per person deposit is required to secure your launch dates with full payment of trip due one month prior to trip launch.  Deposits can be transferred to other trip dates & are partially refundable minus processing.

We support and thank our members of the civil services.  To the men and women in active & retired military service, Police, Firemen, and EMS we are glad to extend a discount to you for your trip with us. 


If you need it additional fishing gear rentals / purchases are available


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